House Clearing

Restoring peace and Harmonyrbw1sm

Often there are situations in houses that make it difficult for us to live in them peacefully.

There are a number of reasons for this

It is believed that buildings can retain a sort of photo recording or image of others who have lived in them in the past.   This can cause upsetting disturbances to the present occupiers.

This situation requires a simple clearing

Other times we have a situation where someone has passed over, either in the house or are in some way associated with the house or the land it is built on. These souls are unable to find rest and need to be moved towards the light.

To live well you must be in harmony with your environment.   If your inner or outer environments are not in balance you could experience

      • Ill health with yourself, Children or pets.
      • Sleep problems including nightmares.
      • Difficult relationships.
      • Problems at work.
      • Depression,  Mood swings.
      • Financial problems.